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You have come to a decision - you are are going to buy a property in Spain. Where, what and how? There are literally thousands of Spanish properties available all over Spain – so you really need to take a step back and think about the exact type of property and location that will tick all your boxes.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Viewing Spanish Property

Viewing Spanish Property

The Viewing Process
Contacting as many agents as you can before leaving home is not a good idea, from either your point of view or theirs. As you initially made contact regarding properties on their books - probably by email, they will start calling you once you arrive in Spain to arrange/confirm viewings. If you are carrying a UK mobile, this will cost you approximately £1 a minute. The more you contacted, the more will call - eventually costing you (and them) a considerable sum. Many agents also have the same properties on their books and it is possible that without a prior agreement of your viewing schedule, that you will waste both your time and theirs being taken to the same property more than once.

Cramming in as many viewings as possible a day is also a bad idea. By the end of the day, you will be unlikely to remember which property is which. Most agents will advise viewing a maximum of 5 per 'session' so you can spend time mulling over what you have seen.

If you know you don’t like the look of an area or property when you approach it/walk in, say so – agents appreciate honesty. It is better not to spend half an hour looking round a property that is of no interest.

If you have built up a rapport with an agent via email or telephone before you visit Spain, my advice is to stick with them. By the time you arrive, they will (or should have) a very good idea of what you are looking for and will have built a portfolio of suitable properties to show you. Many people complain that they send requests for further information to agents who either don’t bother to reply- send details of a totally different property way out of their budget – don’t fully answer their queries etc.etc. If this is the case, move on to another agent. Work with an agent that has time for you and all your queries. By the time you arrive in Spain, it is advisable to have your viewing schedule arranged and appointments set up with just a couple of agents.

Unfortunately, what often happens is that after agents have spent weeks corresponding with clients answering queries and sending property details, viewings are arranged, and the agents have booked all the appointments – the clients arrive in Spain, look in Agents windows/meet other agents/meet friends who know someone who knows someone…..and never turn up for the viewings. Still, that’s another story – the Life of an Estate Agent in Spain.


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