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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alternative Methods for Building in Spain

Alternative Methods for Building in Spain
As Spanish property prices rise, many are looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional build methods. Pre-fabricated properties or log cabins provide cost saving holiday homes, but are often not ideal for permanent living.

You will often see new building projects that have been started here on the Costa Blanca, where the owners have simply underestimated the true cost of building in Spain, and ran out of money before being able to complete. Property may stand half built for a number of years, or be put back on the market for someone else to take on.

With more than 20 years experience of building in Scandinavia, Canada, Germany and the USA, a well known and proven technology now offers a new style of building in Spain. These exceptional timber frame homes offer buyers a unique opportunity to purchase a new Spanish property at a very affordable price, well under the cost of a traditional build.

The purchaser will discuss his requirements with the builder and select everything from initial design to plaster, roof, internal wall colours, sanitary facilities, glaze and terracotta. There are over 60 customisable models to choose from, meaning that each house is unique.

Prices start at 800 Euros per m2, rising to 850 per m2 for properties 100m2 or less. A property of 100m2 would therefore be 85,000 Euros, whilst a large property of 130m2 would cost only 104,000 Euros.

These alternative build timber frame properties really do offer you, the buyer, the chance to buy an exceptional property in Spain at half the cost of a conventional build property.

See example models and specifications for building cheap Spanish Property


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