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Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Legislation Has Made It Safer To Invest In Spanish Property

New Legislation Has Made It Safer To Invest In Spanish Property
There is no greater fear than the fear for the unknown and when one is making a serious investment in a foreign country where the language spoken is different, there are a lot of unknown factors. This usually causes a lot of fear and feelings of uncertainty on the side of most foreign property purchasers.

In recent years, in Costa Calida, Costa Almeria, Costa Blanca and other very popular property locations all over Spain, property prices have been steadily climbing at amazing percentage rates. This has naturally attracted hordes of property speculators as well as serious investors who have ended up seeing their investments regularly double in value. This as all sounded too good to be true for many, while other potential buyers have nervously kept a loose eye on this market looking for the catch.

However a closer look at the facts on the ground will go a long way in reassuring and helping to rid them of the fear, which is mostly unfounded in this amazing property investment destination.

To start with, Spain is a member of the EC (European Community) and is very serious about attracting investment, which the rapidly growing Spanish economy badly needs. All this is happening behind a backdrop of growing competition for foreign investments amongst many countries all over the world, more so as most of the former communist controlled Eastern Europe has started opening up and trying to rebuild their delicate economies in a free market system.

To cap it all, there is probably no better evidence of the intentions of the Spanish authorities to attract and keep foreign investments, than the recent developments in the enactment of laws. Legislators in Spain have recently passed a law that specifically addresses property sales and building standards in that nation. This law will go a long way towards making Spain an even safer investment destination for property buyers from all over the world.


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