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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Double-Your-Money Property Investments in Spain

Double-Your-Money Property Investments in Spain

On the Costa Calida, Costa Almeria and Costa Blanca among many other extremely popular property locations all over Spain, property investors have had an amazing run of success in recent times.

This is really the main reason why foreign property investments have continued to flow into Spain at an enviable rate.

It has been reported that in some areas property prices rose last year by a staggering 30 per cent. These are the sort of rises in value that have enabled most property investors in Spain to comfortably and easily doubled their money in the last few years. Whatever the other shortcomings, you really cannot argue with that kind of investment performance.

The result has been that this kind of performance has kept demand for property all over Spain high, and with it the value of property also tends constantly to be on the rise.

It is widely predicted that these trends are set to continue for several years into the foreseeable future. There are several solid reasons for this:

For instance, the Spanish government has aggressively promoted a policy of encouraging tourism. This in itself has greatly helped to keep demand and prices for high quality property high. The Spanish authorities have also pushed for international investment into the country, as well as construction as their main strategy to keep the economy growing at the rates currently being enjoyed.

Also, these trends are tipped to continue in Spain, even as other newer investment destinations in Eastern Europe and elsewhere have clearly proved to be rather risky and dangerous - and in some cases it has become clear that there is very little protection of investment interests. A case in point is Russia, which has witnessed capital flight as some investors have hurriedly left over some widely publicized bad experiences.

Many of these foreign investors have opted to fall back on more secure and established investment destinations with longer track records of performance and investor interests protection.

Spain fits such a description, perfectly.

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